Tracking - Event - Alert Managment


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    • Access, manipulate and take advantage of the wealth of information contained within our database
    • The system proactively and automatically e-mails alert messages to our customers and/or trading partners
    • Manage by exception – set the levels of service you want to establish for each customer and the eVENT system will notify you when the level you set is not being met
    • Increase both productivity and customer service levels, while keeping costs low

    Event criteria that can be utilized to trigger the sending of an alert are:
    • Change of any shipment date, or change in a list of dates
    • Existence of shipment date(s)
    • Non-existence of shipment date(s)

    Utilizing the latest technology to increase productivity is proving essential to the success of our valued clients .  We are dedicated to assisting our customers in their efforts to increase both productivity and customer service levels,  while keeping costs low. We continually develop and introduce productivity tools that permit our customers to access, manipulate and take advantage of the wealth of information contained within our system databases. This integrated technology approach gives us the needed edge to meet competitive challenges now and in the years ahead. Our EVENT System is an example of one such tool.